Something to catch your attention
Kirabi Say what?/Thinking
What do you think I'm possibly capable of with...

A poodle, a bullhorn, and four nuns?

Drunken dreams bring up quite the curious experiences me amigos

Kirabi Drunk
Drinking brings good things. FACT.

Drinking makes the party livelier. FACT.

Drinking is a must have at the party. FACT.

Spin The Bottle requires use of a Beer Bottle. FACT

Twister is so much more interesting Drunk. FACT

Drinking induces moodiness. FACT

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Undercover work
Kirabi Say what?/Thinking
Been thinking about workin on the old Black Irish Alias.

Thoughts and comments from the Peanut Gallery?

Strange Dreams
Kirabi Wise
Ever have dreams that just leave ya thinkin on some of the most philosophical kind of shit?

I had a dream last night of me just staring out into this forest where this girl is surround by thousands of cherry blossoms falling off the trees around her. I couldn't tell who she was but she just had this aura of familiarity around her ya know? It was one hell of a site almost something out of the artists book ya know?

Maybe its inspiration for new rhymes? Anyone here interpret dreams?
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Feelin good
Kirabi Pimp
I just be chillin'



...And maybe I jizzed in my pants

What happened to the good old days?
Kirabi Undercover
Where rock rolled and rap was all about sex, women, and how many hoes you had in yo arms.

Where the politics actually made sense and humanity gave a fuck about their futures!?

Where women wore tight jeans and danced all night long.

Where men like Asuma ruled this country.

Where humanity had some sort of philosophical belief of going with the flow ya know?

But you know...

things aren't like that...

You know why!? HUH!? Its cause the Gilmore Girls got canceled. Kids are thinking that wearing tight spandex body suits makes ya a power ranger and Shikamaru will take over the world behind our backs...

And when that happens Shikamaru will make me and Asuma his personally manservants and the world will scream bloody fuckin murder and my mama will turn over in her grave and come back as a zombie and be like, "BOY WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GET YO FAT BLACK ASS INTO!? MAMA DIDN'T RAISE NO FOO!!!! NOW GET YO ASS IN GEAR AND SO SHIKAMARU WHO'S KING OF THIS CITY!"

And as mama says that Iwashi will sing La roux while Iruka and Anko go texas chainsaw massacre on the army of shikamaru overload...or was it lord of the TAMPONS...

I think I had one too many shots of sake today...Kakashi if I see that dawg of yours I will rip his bitch ass a new one if he steals my flippin' rhyme book again.

Its another one of those...
Kirabi Fly
Today has been good...


-Pakkun stealing my rhyme book again
-Big Bro A givin me shit again about my apartment
-Asuma being his usual self(in the negative way)
-Someone putting laxatives in my coffee thankfully I didn't drink it but someone else did...poor schmuck.

But overall I'd say today is the best day yet I thought up at least 10 rhymes today! 10 rhymes! That I plan on tormenting either Asuma, Iwashi, or Iruka with later. But first I must find the one responsible for the laxatives joke and get them back later with something devious.

Kirabi Undercover
I've heard some odd name suggestions for Band Names in my life but these just take the cake...

1.) Electromagnetic Badonkadonk (don't even want to know)
2.) Porno for Ghettos (Obviously a rip off of porno for pyros which is equally weird)
3.) Humanity Says Yes To Prostitution (Say what now?)
4.) Obama-Your-Drama-Llama (Don't get me started)
and 5.) Sally Stole Your Skeleton (That makes no freaking sense)

Overall, strange names indeed...

I should see if any of the others want to grab a drink with me. I haven't had a beer in quite a while and I work in a bar for the love of god.

PS...Somebody stole my Rhymes Notebook any clue who?

Kirabi Undercover
Lately I've been wondering how my big bro is doing but...haven't seen him around or talked to him much since I joined the force ya know?

Things are usually so peaceful and I'm as happy as a bee can be yo

but for some reason...

"Things seem out of place,
Within this space,
I used to have such grace,

But now it feels like I lost the race,
Cause I can't reach reach first base,
Recognize my face,
Or even win first place."

Good rhyme...good rhyme...

My Notebook...
Kirabi Fly
YO! Somebody touched my notebook today and I'm not sure who it was...

I get my rhymes are the most awesome thing in the world and I'll be an inspiration for a new generation of youth across the world mofo's but...

Why has someone moved my notebook full of rhymes out of its usual spot?


Well got information to study up on for the next job going undercover as a Yakuza...its going to be a long night again yo. Gotta call the bar again to book time off...


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